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In addition to Salamaner added early in 2014, Diamine have now added Autumn Oak and Tyrian Purple to its ink range.  This now brings the Diamine colour choice to 103 colours.  We stock them all in 80 ml bottles.  See our Diamine page for downloadable colour chart and order form.


In June 2014, we supplied the vintage pens to Gallipoli Productions Pty Ltd ( a division of South Australia Film Corporation) for use by actors in "Deadline Gallipoli", a mini-series telling the story of journalists of the day who struggled to obtain the truth from Government about Australia's fighting status during Word War I. The series will be released to coincide with the 2015 Anzac Day Centenary.


The 2014 Melbourne Pen Show will be held on Saturday, 1 November 2014 at Malvern Town Hall (Banquet Hall) from 9 am to 4 pm.  See Melbourne Pen Show site for further details.


Regretably, it has been necessary to increase the price of Diamine 80 ml ink bottles to $18.50 (GST inclusive).  We have absorbed two increases in sea freight charges in the last three years.  Our most recent delivery saw a 50% increase in sea freight charges - an increase we lamentably have to pass on to our valued customers many of whom probably don't know that freight and import costs represent about 35% of our landed cost of ink.    Notwithstanding, on any interpretation, Diamine remains the best value ink on sale in Australia.


We hear a lot about these inks.  Just exactly, what is "bullet proof"?  Water proof, fade proof or, fraud proof?  Let's face it - how many of us drown our written work, leave it in the sun or, subject our written work to peril from fraudsters?

Be careful of these "magic" inks at least two brands of which are known to constantly clog fountain pens and one brand which "eats through" paper!

There is only one form of permanent ink which has been around for thousands of years - ferro-gallic ink.  The Dead Sea Scrolls were written with it and  many of them still survive today.  Ferro gallic ink (known today as "iron gall"), was once composed of iron sulfate and tannic acid which set up a chemical reaction that causes ink to bite its way into paper as the ink oxidises.  The old forms of ferro gallic ink produced sulfuric acid which over centuries, has eaten in to paper.  The modern form of ferro gallic ink such as Diamine Registrars' Ink eliminates paper corrosion in a more modern formulation which comprises a balanced ratio of ingredients as opposed to the time-honoured, gung-ho recipe of adding excessive amounts of tannic acid, causing an obvious problem.  Modern ferro gallic ink increases in indelibility the longer it oxidises.  In its purest form, ferro gallic ink is very pale on paper.  For that reason, a non-indelible dye is added to it so it is visible when writing.  By way of example, Diamine Registrars' Ink writes as blue but, soon oxidises to black.  The non-indelible blue dye may disappear but, the oxidised black ink is so permanent, not even bleach can remove it.

Diamine Registrars' Ink is a very suitable water proof, fade proof and fraud proof ink.  It does not clog fountain pens and can be used with absolute confidence.  Diamine Registrar's Ink is available from us.  See our Diamine page.


Conway Stewart have recently retired the Raleigh and Wordsworth pens from their core range.  The Bard was retired a year or so ago.  We have the following at very special prices:

Raleighs in Black, Pistachio, Mocha Swirl, Lapis and Brilliant Red - $550 AUD (incl GST);
Wordswoth in Black - $380 AUD (incl GST); and
Bard in Black - $450 AUD (incl GST).

All are covered by full Conway Stewart manufacturer's warranty.


We have just acquired a huge quantity of Sheaffer (new old stock) nibs, parts and pens.  We have a huge inventory of Sheaffer  nibs, parts and pens too difficult to list.  If you are in need of Sheaffer nibs or parts or pens, email us with your inquiry.  We'll probably have what you want!

We will soon publish a dedicated Sheaffer parts and pens page.


Australia Post has removed its Registered Post service for domestic parcels.  In lieu, it will now offer its regular Parcel Post service with (at extra cost) signed for delivery, Extra Cover (insurance) and on-line tracking of all domestic parcels.  The net result is increased postage costs for domestic delivery of parcels which unfortunately, we will pass on to our clients.   International parcel costs have also substantially increased.


The Jaguar and Fistral continue the tradition of Conway Stewart's Elegance Series.  These are two, truly exceptional pens made from solid rods of sterling silver, differently engraved but both featuring the superb craftsmanship of Robert Glover the creator of both the design and application of many layers of fine enamel.  Each pen is part of a limited edition of 100.  Have alook at the Jaguar and Fistral pages on our site.

We have both the Jaguar and Fistral in stock.


We were fortunate enough to recently purchase a large number of Mint and near Mint  vintage Conway Stewarts. This collection belonged to a former Conway Stewart representative.  Most of the pens are Mint and have never been dipped.  A few have been dipped as demonstrators.  They are all in superb condition and range in age between 1956 and 1972.  A number of them are Conway Stewart models you may never have seen before.  Some of them are examples of the "new" injection moulding technology adopted by Conway Stewart in the late 1960s which you may have your own view about.  All have been re-sacced and are on our vintage Conway Stewart page.


Conway Stewart has ceased the manufacture of its traditional inks and in collabaration with its working partner, Diamine Inks, has introduced a new, traditional range named after points of interest close to the Conway Stewart manufacturing facility at Plymouth - see the article above.  However, we have a number of Conway Stewart traditional colours in stock which are available at substantially discounted prices.  There are varying numbers of particular colours.  Colours include:
Conway Stewart Green
Usually $15.00 AUD per 30 ml bottle, priced to clear our stocks at  $5.00 AUD per bottle.  Minimum order is four bottles.  Similar discounts apply for Conway Stewart cartridge packs of 12 cartridges.  Colours and prices available on inquiry.


An interesting repair of an old Conway Stewart cap which most would have considered hopeless to repair or restore. The final result was very satisfying.  Have a look at the process used.


Have a look at some exciting new Mint condition releases on our Collectors' Specials page.  Rare Conway Stewarts which will never be made again!

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